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This repository contain all my nixos config

hosts :

  • backup backup server : online
  • web server web : OVH
  • dell-5590 pro laptop
  • services VM on personal PX server. Hosting grafana - prometheus - loki
  • x201 personnal laptop
  • next VM on personnal PX server. Nosting personnal nextcloud

modules :

  • common.nix : common config like environnement variable and common system packages base
  • gitea.nix : use on web server
  • prometheus-node.nix : prometheus node-exporter. use by all machine
  • rest-server.nix : use by backup server. Restic server
  • users.nix : user configuration. use by all machine

How to use

First boot

After first boot :

    nix-shell -p git
    git clone
    cd nix-os-config
    cp modules/users.nix /etc/nixos/
    cp modules/common.nix /etc/nixos/
    nano /etc/nixos/configuration.nix

add ./users.nix and ./common.nix after ./hardware-configuration.nix and exit

    nixos-rebuild switch
    rm -rf ~/nixos-config

Copy your personnal private key to account

	scp -i .ssh/privatekey .ssh/privatekey machine:/home/alexandre/.ssh/

Logging with user

    mkdir git;cd git
    git clone
    cd nixos-config/hosts
    mkdir newhosts
    cd newhosts
    cp /etc/nixos/* .

edit configuration.nix and change ./users.nix to ../modules/users.nix and change ./common.nix to ../modules/common.nix

	rm /etc/nixos
	ln -s /home/alexandre/git/nixos-config/hosts/machine /etc/nixos
            ln -s ~/git/nixos-config/modules /etc/modules


to rebuild system, just :

	sudo nixos-rebuild switch

Users have not a password.